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Because you are reading this Vemma review, I suspect you are a person who has either recently been introduced to this business opportunity and questioning if it is a viable vehicle for producing long term wealth - or, you've already started up with Vemma & are looking for some pointers.

If you're presently involved with Vemma, just go ahead and scroll down to the end of this review for some exclusive Vemma training that will significantly help you to grow your business...

Vemma Review? Why??

While evaluating a business opportunity, it is not only vital to evaluate the pay plan and how you'll make money, but to distinguish if it is marketing a product that you can actually have faith in and grow to be passionate about. It will be very tough to find success in a business whose products or services you don't have faith in.

If you have yet to try any of the products Vemma offers, you may want to buy a month's worth of products to try. There's really nothing to lose because Vemma offers a thirty day money back guarantee. Even if you use the whole product up, you can send in the empty bottle for a refund if you don't like it.

I'm not in Vemma, however, I've got to say that their empty bottle return policy speaks volumes of the company's vision, and the products they offer. If Vemma wasn't making money, they wouldn't continue to do that, and therefore, devoid of even personally evaluating the products they're offering, I presume they have a decent line.

What is Vemma?

The word Vemma was created as an acronym for the words: Vitamins, essential, minerals, mangosteen, and aloe. Vemma's focus with their juice drinks is around a fruit called "Mangosteen" which is found in Eastern Asia. The Mangosteen is supposed to intensify energy levels along with a lot of antioxidants in it. It's also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Vemma is now popular in 50+ countries. 'Miss Fitness Magazine' dubbed Vemma as the best health product of the year in 2009.

How did Vemma begin?

Vemma was started by BK Boreyko, who was also the creator of a greatly successful Multi-Level Marketing company called New Vision. New Vision was tremendously thriving & grew swiftly and generated $1,000,000,000 in revenue in just a few years.

Because he found great wealth in New Vision, he wanted to expand and create another profitable health and nutrition company, & he therefore started Vemma in 2004.

Is Vemma's Pay Plan Decent?

Vemma uses a binary compensation plan. Binary compensation models are increasing in poplularity, but can seem confusing in the beginning to an industry new comer. Basically, you have two 'legs' in a binary model, a left and a right, and each distributor you recruit will go underneath the first two that you sponsored on your left and right. So for that reason, you will only ever have two people directly under you, which allows you a great opportunity to help your team build at a faster rate.

Vemma training

Here is where the problem lies with this company. Vemma reps are told to prospect their 'warm market' (their friends & relatives) by writing down a list of everyone they know. Then, they are taught to bring these people to a hotel meeting or a meeting at their home where the business opportunity is to be pitched.

The glitch by means of the 'warm list' technique is that it only works for a select group of people, & most fall flat on their face and fail completely, never earning a single dime (all while doing EXACTLY what their upline says to do).

See, the distributors that are making $100,000 or more in the Vemma business opportunity are running their business completely differently; they are actually MARKETING the opportunity to the people that are looking for an opportunity, instead of their un-interested friends and relatives. If you want to earn that kind of money, you will need a SYSTEM that you and the new Vemma reps that you sponsor can plug into and create a massive downline. You'll also want to provide a way of paying for the marketing, and the most effective way to do that is through affiliate commissions from people that don't sign up with your business.
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Vemma Review: Unbiased Review Of Vemma

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