Tvi Express, A Scam Or Above Board Business?

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Travel Ventures International (TVI) are based in Heathrow, London, UK (apparently).

They started up in January 2009 and what drew me to take a look at this opportunity was the incredible income claims being made by distributors.  Whilst scouring through their information I couldn't help but think 'What is the product being sold'  Whenever I get this question pop up in my mind I always get a red sign flashing in my brain that says 'PONZI'.

After some further research I was still none the wiser, I even spoke to some TVI reps and they didn't seem to have any definite answers other than you are awarded a 6 night hotel voucher when you pay your $250 to join up

There is no definite range of products offered by TVI, which makes me feel uncomfortable

So how do you get paid with TVI Express?

You will make money in TVI by getting other people to join the scheme.  You first have to make your way through their rotating matrix arrangement.  You will begin by 'cycling' through the travel board, once the matrix fills up you will be paid $500.  After this you are then upgraded to what they call the 'express board', you will then repeat this process and 'cycle' your way up to the top and when you exit receive a commission payment of $10,000.  To join TVI there is a onetime only payment of $250.  To reach the qualification level to get your commissions you need to bring in just two new people.

So how is it possible for you to get 2 people to join for $250 each and then get paid $10,000?  It's because of the massive volume of signups happening right now from folks hoping to become rich overnight and paying in their $250 and as long as this keeps happening everyone is able to keep cycling through the matrix and being 'pushed' to the top and exiting with their $10,000.  The company says that once you pop out at the top you will re-enter the matrix again and earn another $10k.

It won't last forever, there will come a time when either its shut down or it will die a natural death.  Because there is no actual product being sold then once there are no new members coming in the cycle will stop and no one gets 'paid'.  Because standard companies that operate on an MLM business model sell tangible products, people still profit after saturation occurs.

So is TVI a rip off?

In these situations I always ask myself, does the product offered benefit the consumer.  I will always figure out if the company's product/s would sell by themselves; even if there was no comp plan involved.  The company TVI fails on all counts for me.

Would you be wise to invest into TVI?

Well the compensation plan looks extremely impressive.  I would suggest you don't try and recruit your friends into this or anyone that respects you as a person, business or personal.  As a last word on TVI I must tell you that I have heard from various people that TVI does not pay out cash, but rather will give you 'e-vouchers' that you will then use to purchase holiday deals or whatever they have on offer at the time.

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Tvi Express, A Scam Or Above Board Business?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28