Efusjon Review - An Effective Sports Drink Or Just Another Scam?

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Efusjon is a fairly network marketing company, offering an 'energy club' providing a number of sports drinks to give your body a healthy boost.

The products that Efusjon are offering are, simply put, energy drinks. This drink is sold by the case, with 12 cans in each case. The cost is $120 for 4 cases, and this is the recommended order that Efusjon says you should start out with.

The main emphasis on this opportunity is on the quality of the product. The drink is made from completely natural ingredients loaded with vitamins and other ingredients that provide a number of energy-boosting and health benefits for the body.

There are a number of drinks on offer, each targeting a specific health benefit including antioxidants, fighting fatigue and more. By joining the Energy Club (which you will be promoting as part of the business opportunity), customers will get a mix of these healthy drinks each and every month for a set fee.

The Business Opportunity

The business opportunity comes in the fact that you can earn a commission on all sales you make on this energy drink. When you sign up to their opportunity with a $120 order you will be provided with:
· A website and business builder resources.
· 4 packs of the energy drink, each containing 12 cans.
· The chance to earn 4.25% commission on all of the sales you make.

How Does This Make You Money?

The simple premise behind the business opportunity is that you only need to get three different friends and family members to join up before you will start making money. This happens due to the fact that each of them find 3 people, and each of those 3 find another 3, and so on.

Is It A Scam?

While this means you could theoretically be earning money quickly, it could be difficult to find three people to sign up to the program. The main strength of the program lies in the product, but ask yourself whether an energy drink is really worth a monthly $120 cost?

Health programs are extremely common in terms of business opportunities, but you really need to ask yourself the question of whether their claims are legitimate.

The truth is that Ejusfon is not a scam - they are offering you a product, and this product may genuinely interest some people. However, for most, an energy drink is not worth a recurring cost of $120 and there are no miracle shortcuts towards optimal health like the program suggests. Your money may be better spent with a solid business opportunity you can really trust.

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Efusjon Review - An Effective Sports Drink Or Just Another Scam?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01