Daddy Day Care and a Home Based Business, Working Together

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A life changing experience

I am just an ordinary guy who has had a life changing experience, slightly less dramatic than some but nonetheless an experience that most Dads can only dream of. You see, I am a stay at home Dad or as I like to refer to it as "Daddy Day Care". When Luke was born back in December last year my wife and I had a master plan that one of us would stay at home for a while and spend valuable time with him through his early months.

After some changes at my workplace it became apparent to us that I would be the lucky one. We have a pretty perfect life, living in the Cambridgeshire countryside, I am a member of a local Golf Club, my wife enjoys her job and is a member of the local gym, we enjoy going out for meals with friends and family, meeting for coffee, going on holidays, both spending time with Luke and generally having a whale of a time.

A perfect lifestyle?

Well nearly, although we thought there was a little imbalance between looking after Luke and contributing to the household income. I was heavily involved in "Daddy Day Care" but earning money for the family was secondary, if not sometimes even forgotten about.

After a few months of applying for part time roles, where I was over qualified or told "I think you would be bored" and applying for Sales roles with the expectancy to work six days a week with little pay and huge sales targets, we soon realised that none of these would fit into our new lifestyle.

That's when I started to turn my attention to when I last enjoyed going to work. Now this for many may be in the last few months, or it may be something you have always wanted to do but never got around to it. But what better time to start?

Looking back through your CV

I dug out my CV and trawled through to find that one thing all my family and friends told me to look for. The one thing that I would enjoy doing that could make me money. I realised my days at presenting marketing techniques to Business Clubs were when I woke up in the morning and looked forward to going to work. No long journeys on the motorways, no long hours in the office, although the one downside was working for someone else.

Starting your own business

So I had found my new calling, something to do with marketing, although it has moved on a pace since 2000 when I was involved with what is now described as off-line marketing. And here is the more daunting part for some, I wanted to work for myself. So now I have my own business, which I run around my duties as a father, housekeeper, and golfer.

Is my life perfect? Well I think it is as close as it can be!

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Daddy Day Care and a Home Based Business, Working Together

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Daddy Day Care and a Home Based Business, Working Together

This article was published on 2011/01/21