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At Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp I sat in the audience of about 8,000 delegates and watched the TV film where auditors checked the results of sales made from a Cash on Demand project.

Five days earlier a reporter had set Andrew Reynolds the challenge to pull in £500,000 in seven days. That figure was already in by the fifth day. Although the reporter had watched the online sales coming in he wanted independent auditors to check the figures.

Andrew Reynolds had been followed around by the reporter Glenn Thompson and a camera crew for the last five days. Joined by two auditors the reporter asked if the sales figures were legitimate. The auditors confirmed that they were real figures. They confirmed that even when Andrew Reynolds was in Paris for the weekend, the online orders and the payments were streaming in.

It was exciting being at the Bootcamp and watching the TV film airing on the vast video screen, seeing for myself Andrew Reynolds way of doing business in action.

Because it is a different business model from the traditional retail method, you can't help wondering if it's going to work. To see the Cash on Demand model in action, filmed by a camera crew, queried at every stage by a reporter and then checked over by two independent auditors provide without a shadow of a doubt that this works.

The auditors even checked the credit card slips. They checked the product had actually gone out to fulfill the orders.

The auditors reported that the preliminary figure which they had based upon the results they were checking was an income of £550,000.

The final results from the independent auditors report was a total profit figure – not income but profit of £490,000 in just five days. After another couple of days, it should easily reach the challenge target of half a million pounds profit.

At Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp you can see for yourself how his way of doing business works. You can learn from Andrew Reynolds how to copy his business model and earn whatever amount of money it is you want to earn.

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Andrew Reynolds - Auditors Prove Andrew Reynolds Business Model Works

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This article was published on 2010/12/03