A Great Opportunity That Isn't A Business Opportunity

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During tough economic times, many struggling breadwinners decide to become more entrepreneurial so that they can be more in control of their financial future. They uncover business opportunity after business opportunity, some franchise opportunities, other licensing opportunities, only to find that none of them quite fit the bill.

Part of the problem can be that a business opportunity is typically at least partially controlled by the parent company, and this can be stifling to anyone with an ounce of creative genius and/or imagination.

Part of what leads to real wealth is the ability to use ones creative genius to make a product or service that is innovative. Innovation has always been the key to hitting a home run when it comes to business. Joel Barker, a career futurist who studies successful markets and the reasons for their success, credits innovation as the key ingredient to becoming a major player in any market. His video, Innovation at the Verge, gives great insights to this phenomenon.

So imagine an opportunity that isnt a business opportunity - giving you the ability to be as creative, imaginative, and innovative as you want to be. Thinking this combination of elements cant possibly exist? Well, Speaking Roses has combined the freedom of a licensing opportunity with the innovation of a product that uses flowers in a unique and creative way. And not only is it affordable, but because the product is so innovative, it has the ability to tap into multiple markets in a way that gives you ample opportunity to devise dozens of marketing strategies with huge potential for success.

This product is the patented process for embossing custom text, personalized messages, company logos, and beautiful photos directly onto the petals of live, fresh flowers. Because the process can be done on silk flowers as well, the potential for uses is huge.

This license opportunity is being offered to entrepreneurs all over the world, and is taking the gift, greeting and promotional markets by storm. Check it out at www.speakingroses.com.

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A Great Opportunity That Isn't A Business Opportunity

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This article was published on 2010/10/10